Elevate Your Racing Experience with Logitech G29 Racing Wheel (2024)

Revolutionize your racing simulation with the Logitech G29 Racing Wheel, meticulously engineered for an unparalleled driving encounter. Unleash the true potential of your PlayStation and PC racing games with this cutting-edge racing wheel that combines precision, durability, and immersive features.

Precision Engineering for Authentic Racing Feel

Dual-Motor Force Feedback

Experience the thrill of every turn and terrain change through the dual-motor force feedback system. This technology precisely simulates tire slip, weight shifts, and road conditions, providing an immediate and accurate response to your every move.

Motor Sport Construction

Built for the rigors of intense racing action, the Logitech G29 boasts solid steel ball bearings in the wheel shaft, stainless steel paddle shifters, and robust pedals, ensuring a durable and reliable performance under pressure.

Helical Gearing with Anti-Backlash

Enjoy exceptionally smooth and quiet steering action, thanks to helical gears inspired by automotive transmissions. Anti-backlash technology keeps the wheel and pedals tight, maximizing your control over the vehicle.

Intuitive Controls at Your Fingertips

Wheel-Mounted Controls

Effortlessly access all your controls with the integrated D-Pad, buttons, and paddle shifters directly on the racing wheel. LED indicator lights guide your shifting, and a 24-point selection dial allows precise customization of your driving preferences.

900° Rotation

Immerse yourself in the driving experience with a 900-degree lock-to-lock rotation, mirroring the motion of a steering wheel inside a real car.

Stay Centered

Ensure optimal steering alignment with the visual cue of the steering wheel stripe, allowing you to maintain focus on the track.

Adjustable Floor Pedals for Realistic Driving

Pressure Sensitive Pedals

The nonlinear brake pedal replicates the performance of a pressure-sensitive brake system, providing a responsive and accurate braking feel. Reposition the pedal faces for finer control and easier heel-toe maneuvers.

Steady, Sturdy Base

The Driving Force pedal base features rubber feet for hard surfaces and a patented retractable carpet grip system, preventing unwanted pedal movement during intense racing sessions.

Compatibility Across Platforms

Whether you're gaming on PlayStation 5, 4, 3, or PC, the Logitech G29 is your gateway to an extraordinary racing adventure. With compatibility extending to Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7, the G29 ensures seamless integration with your gaming setup.

Unmatched Warranty and Support

Rest easy with a 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty, showcasing Logitech's commitment to delivering a premium product. Access comprehensive documentation, FAQs, and support to get your G29 up and running smoothly.

Expand Your Racing Arsenal

Enhance your simulation setup further with Logitech G racing gear. The Racing Adapter enables on-the-fly control of brake force pressure, while the Driving Force Shifter adds a realistic touch with its short-throw feel in a 6-speed “H” pattern.


Logitech G29 Racing Wheel redefines the racing experience, combining precision engineering, intuitive controls, and compatibility across platforms. Elevate your gaming setup with this powerhouse of technology, designed to outpace the competition. Shift into overdrive and claim your victory on the virtual track with Logitech G29.

Elevate Your Racing Experience with Logitech G29 Racing Wheel (2024)


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